The Story Behind Our Swimwear

The Story Behind Our Swimwear

The story behind our swimwear

Finding a modest swimwear is tough! Firstly, you need one that comes with a hijab. Then the next problem is that they are all skin tight. Yes of course you need it NOT to blow up into a balloon when you’re in water, but when it sticks and your body silhouette is visible, it’s just.. How shall I say.. “Uncomfortable”. Having to find a big towel to cover myself up everytime just defeats the purpose of wearing a modest swimwear, right?

BUT, at the same time you don’t want it to be heavy. So I found a design that fits my needs, yet still looked nice. So rather than just get one for myself, I thought why not bring it to the market and help other women who are looking for a similar modest swimwear. Tweaked it here and there, and expanded our range to include swimwear!

The 4 pieces in our swimwear set is perfect for the beach, just relaxing on the sand or light water activities. The inside layers consist of a long sleeved top and long pants that can be attached with built in clips. The outer layer is along zipped coat that is slightly loose but will not flip up to keep you modest. Lastly it comes with a swimming hijab that fits snugly to complete the look!

We believe it is the only modest swimwear in Australia with such design. We want all muslimahs to enjoy the outdoors, yet feel comfortable while keeping modest.

To sunnier and brighter days :) ,


(Founder of the FATEEMA brand)

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