Tips for exercising in warm weather ☀️

Tips for exercising in warm weather ☀️

Here in the land down under, hellooo again to warmer and longer days 🔆⛱⠀

The heat can make exercise and keeping active uncomfortable, especially with all the layers of clothing we wear. ⠀
Here are some tips we’d like to share to keep you motivated throughout the summer months…💪⠀

🌤Start your activity early in the day or in the late afternoon

It is usually cooler just after sunrise and before sunset, so if you’re planning for a run, cycle or anything outdoors it’s great to start and finish before it gets too hot⠀

💧Keep hydrated

Drink water before you start your activity and bring a water bottle with you always. Aim to drink at least 1.5 – 2L of water everyday. Also, avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks such as coffee, juice and bicarbonate drinks as they tend to make you pass more urine (diuretics).⠀

👕 Wear light, breathable clothing

Put on clothing that are thin, light and sweat wicking. Dri-fit material is an excellent option. Avoid thick, heavy hijabs that will make you uncomfortable in the heat.⠀

We hope these tips will help you breeze thru spring & summer! We will share more tips soon 😉

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